How do I know it’s time to hire a tutor!?!?!?

“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”~Albert Einstein

So, how do I know it is time for me to hire a tutor? As soon as you realize the student is struggling and having difficulty grasping the concepts and completing assignments it is time to hire a professional tutor. DO NOT wait until the student is earning failing grades!!! A tutor should be utilized to push a student from a D to a B, a C to a B, and a B to an A+!!! Also, please, please, please keep in mind that a tutor is not Anne Sullivan, ie a miracle worker! I cannot tell you how many times I have received a call for tutoring two weeks or even a week before the SAT, SHSAT, ELA, Regents, Midterms or Finals! If a student is taking a test like the SAT or ACT which can help him or her earn important college scholarships, a tutor should be hired at least six months in advance, end of story. That being said, better late than never! Albeit late, some help is a million times better than no help! Please keep this in mind. A student does not fall behind over night, and it will take some time for them to catch up!

A tutor should have a lot of different kinds of teaching experience. Equally important is that they have a firm grasp of all intricacies inherent to the subject matter.The tutor you hire is someone the student should be 100% comfortable with. A tutor should always be punctual and open to suggestions. Another important point is that they are able to tailor the lesson to each students unique learning style.

Next step, I have hired a tutor, now what? Well, I must have given these speeches a million times and will likely continue to do so in the future: “you get out of life what you put in” and another classic jewel of mine is: “I cannot do everything all by myself, you will have to meet me halfway” and of course, I can not forget “Two hours with me a week is simply not going to cover it, you must be doing problems and work on your own, and have all your questions ready to go before I even get here!” Often I come across students who’s life motto is: “!?” and this applies to school work! They seem to be coasting through their studies, not willing to dedicate the time and work required. While there is definitely something to be said, for not letting life stress you out, that does not mean there are not somethings in life that deserve some stress, sweat, blood and tears. Sometimes those things can be academic in nature!

The last decision is, how long should each session be and how many sessions do I need a week? For any student under the age of seven, I think one hour sessions are best, anymore and the student will be unable to focus. For ages eight and above, I believe a two hour session is best. In two hours, A LOT can be covered and accomplished. In terms of how many sessions to book a week, frankly that really depends on your finances and schedule. Obviously, the more tutoring sessions the student participates in the more prepared they will be.

A final thought, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, NEVER EVER hesitate to bring it to the tutor’s attention immediately! Likely, they are not even aware of your concerns.

Happy Searching!!!

“Education is the transmission of civilization.” ~Will Durant